polo shirt and polo player logo

Though every line of collection by ralph lauren outlet uk is equally enticing but here we are more excited to talk about its vivid range of fragrances. Ralph Lauren fragrances are really preppy and a hot favorite of youngsters. If you are bored of those flowery fragrances, it’s time to buy Ralph Lauren perfume.

Ralph began his career in the fashion world in 1967. His 1st job was working for Beau Brummell Neckwear, a company that made ties and was the inspiration of what was going to give birth as his own brand. That year he launched a company named Polo. He was making originals ties, which could express something different for the people that used them: namely class, style and elegance.

Chaps by Ralph Lauren is available in the form of cologne at leading perfume stores. In this fragrance, different elements are blended together to create a unique aura around the wearer. The fragrance is quite long lasting and you can enjoy strong masculine scent for a longer duration.

Ralph Lauren kept continuously driving fashion world trends with his first clothing line for women in 1972 when he first introduced the famous polo shirt and polo player logo. He stated at one point that when he designs a woman’s collection, he has a character in his mind. Things like who is she? where does she live? What does she like? He studies her personality and designs for and through her. Through this concept polo ralph lauren shows how he can decode the iconography of the United States in his vision, both Western Native American culture and the West Hollywood glamour.